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Bishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan) is well-developed and modern city. Here you can find whatever you need: cafe, restaurant, trunk-call office, drugstore and clinics, swimming pools and sport complexes.

Don't forget about your documents being in Bishkek (passport, visas). You should know addresses and telephones of embassies and consulates before walking in the city. In case of the illegal treatment from militia representatives you should call to your embassy or consulate. Never give your documents to representative of militia. You can only show them it.

It is not recommended to visit on your own dangerous areas of the city (dark alleys, poor district and so on.). Information about such places you can find in tourist information offices or on Web-site about tourism in Central Asia.

It is very important to leave information about yourself and every member of your tourist group to tourist office, to your friend, to your driver and so on before your trip.
And one more important advice: respect culture of people, living in any country of world.

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During your trip somewhere in the mountains Ak-Sakal will invite you to his Yurta. Do not refuse it. Ak-Sakal will be very glad to see you in his nomadic house and it is a great chance for you to learn more about life of nomads.
There will be tea and butter on the table.

Kyrgyz shepherds are not rich people, but they will never hide from you "deficient product".

Guest's position around the table plays very important role: in the center opposite the door seats Ak-Sakal - the owner of yurt - or his honorable guest; women (daughters, wife, mother-in-law) seat near the table very rarely.

You can pleasantly be surprised and give rise to respect of inhabitants, if before or upon termination of a meal to make "Omin" (Islamic ritual of blessing of food) - bring your hands to face.

In gratitude about hospitality you can present something from your things (light, watch and etc.)

Don't wonder if Kyrgyz will see you off very long distance. It is very pleasant for them to show their neighbors that you were their guest.

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